Don’t Get Caught with your System Down

Ultrasound System Error

Problematic or broken ultrasound systems can result in days of lost revenue.

A malfunctioning ultrasound system is more than just a headache. It’s a business nightmare.

Waiting for your system to be repaired requires a lot of time and resources to reschedule patients, and it costs you money.

Until now, the only solution was to grin and bear it…

Not any more.

When you call Providian Medical Field Service for assistance, we’ll ship you a quality portable ultrasound system overnight for just $250 plus shipping. You’ll keep this system until your system is repaired and returned to you by our service department.

This means your downtime is limited to the day your system breaks down. Contact us before 3pm EST, and a temporary system will be sent to you overnight. The next morning, you’ll be up and running again with a portable ultrasound system from GE, SonoSite, Acuson or Biosound-Esaote, depending on your situation.FedEx Overnight rental ultrasound

Additionally, we have free training videos on our website for nearly every system available. This limits your downtime even further, as our videos will get you up and running in as little as 5 to 40 minutes… depending on your experience and needs.

Have Your Own Engineers? Rent an Ultrasound

Providian is the only company to offer this temporary program, but we understand that you may have signed a service agreement with another company or have your own biomedical engineers. No problem.

Providian offers a rental program at a cost much lower than what you’d lose in downtime. You can rent for a week, a month, or however long you’d like. If your system isn’t repaired in the time you’d hoped, simply contact us and we can extend your rental period.