The refurbished Esaote MyLab 30 veterinary ultrasound machine is designed as an advanced portable vet ultrasound machine with a full range of calculations and transducers available for all veterinary ultrasound needs.

The MyLab 30 features PW and Color Doppler imaging, as well as a wide range of transducers that make this one of the more advanced imaging vet ultrasound machines on the market.

Many MyLab ultrasounds include Speckle Reduction Imaging technologies to add to its advanced imaging capabilities. It can run on battery power, which allows for easy transfer of room-to-room or off-site imaging.

Providian Medical’s Esaote MyLab 30 Review:

Although this is a portable ultrasound machine, it weighs nearly 20 pounds, which some feel limit its capabilities for some Bovine/Equine studies (a cart helps this situation greatly). Most often, this is used in an office veterinary setting, although it can be used for all types of animals. This is a popular office vet ultrasound machine because of its versatility and solid imaging capabilities.