Experts are recommending dedicated ultrasound machines for Coronavirus detection

GE VIvid iq gestures pinching  GE Vscan Extend Dual Probe ultrasound review  GE Venue R2 Ultrasound

Dedicated machines are in high demand to quickly diagnose lung involvement and assist in triage for suspected Covid-19 patients.There are two key items that are most recommended for using ultrasound to detect the Coronavirus:

  1. A touchscreen interface that can be easily disinfected
  2. A sector (phased array) transducer

For this, we have the following recommended systems, in-stock and ready to ship:

GE Venue R2, Sector Transducer: $1,000/month or buy for $19,900
GE Vscan Extend Handheld Dual-Probe (sector/linear): $400/month or buy for $5,900
GE Vivid iq, Sector Transducer: $1,950/month or buy for $39,900

Above rental pricing assumes a 3-month commitment

We recognize that these are difficult times to make a long term and expensive capital commitment. However, renting this equipment to get through until capital budgets open up might make a lot of sense for your department or practice. We have made renting an ultrasound system like this as easy and affordable as possible. Call now to see if we can help. We remain open and are taking every precaution to make our work environment and equipment safe and ready to ship.

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