The Zonare L14-5W ultrasound transducer is versatile enough to tackle a wide range of ultrasound applications, from small parts to breast to vascular to nerve block. It offers a 55mm field of view and 10 frequencies, plus 2D-M-Mode and color, power and PW Doppler imaging. Providian Medical has the Zonare L14-5 transducer for sale right now, and we stand behind it with a full satisfaction guarantee.

At Providian Medical, you’ll find that our price for a refurbished Zonare L14-5 ultrasound transducer is up to 60% less than the new retail cost. And while you might find a cheaper advertised price on an auction site or from an overseas reseller, you have to consider the value of dealing with an FDA-registered and U.S.-based company like Providian Medical. Our professional customer service staff is available to answer any questions you have or provide current Zonare L14-5 ultrasound transducer pricing information. Call today for a free quote at (440) 459-1625.