Providian Medical has the full line of Zonare ultrasound transducers for sale, including the Zonare L10-5 transducer. This linear array transducer, which is compatible with both the Zonare Z One Convertible and Zonare Z One Ultra SP Convertible ultrasound models, provides six frequencies, 2D/M-Mode and color, power and PW Doppler imaging. It also features Tissue Harmonic Imaging and Compound Harmonic Imaging. To get the best deal and lowest price on a refurbished Zonare L10-5 transducer probe, contact Providian Medical today for a no obligation quote.

If you buy a used Zonare L10-5 ultrasound transducer probe from Providian Medical, you get our 100% satisfaction guarantee at no extra cost. We are able to make that guarantee because we only sell the highest quality pre-owned ultrasound equipment available, and we thoroughly test and inspect everything before we offer it for sale. Fill out the quick contact form below to request a Zonare L10-5 ultrasound transducer price quote at (440) 459-1625.