Used Zonare ZS3 ultrasound machines are Zonare’s premium ultrasounds. They have a small footprint for a high-performance ultrasound and are beneficial in point-of-care bedside ultrasound situations.

The refurbished Zonare ZS3 for sale uses ZONE technology, which can provide a cleaner image than traditional ultrasound by acquiring the entire image simultaneously, rather than traditional ultrasound machines line-by-line acquisition.

The shared service ZS3 ultrasound machine uses the ZONE technology as a speckle reduction algorithm, as it is able to evaluate the entire image for artifact and thereby improve the overall image quality and contrast resolution.

Providian Medical Zonare ZS3 Ultrasound Review

The ZS3 price allows it to be ideal in point-of-care bedside ultrasound situations, particularly with its shared service capabilities. Image quality is very good on the Zonare systems, and these later-generation models are known to be more stable than the first generation Zonare ultrasound systems.