The used Zonare Z.One Pro ultrasound machine is a lighweight, low price color Doppler ultrasound machine designed for ease-of-use and point-of-care clinical situations.

Refurbished Z.One Pro ultrasounds used Zonare’s “ZONE” technology that relies more heavily on software to acquire the complete ultrasound image simultaneously, as opposed to traditional ultrasound machines that acquire images line-by-line. The result is a cleaner image as the ultrasound is able to analyze returning echos better for artifact and contrast resolution.

The lighweight Zonare Z.One Pro ultrasound for sale is designed for smaller offices, clinics, and small hospitals looking for high quality images at a lower price. It can be also be configured as a shared service ultrasound machine in some countries. Contact your Providian sales representative today for more information.

Providian Medical Zonare Z.One Ultrasound Machine Review

The Zonare ultrasound machines are somewhat unique in their configuration. As with a few of the newer ultrasounds, the Zonare Z1 relies more upon software than the traditional hardware beamforming methods. In recent years Zonare systems have become more stable and more reliable than in its early years of development. Early Zonare systems were known to be buggy and problematic, despite the ease of software updates over the Internet.