The new Whale Imaging Lambda P9 portable cardiovascular machine is an advanced C/V ultrasound machine at a very competitive price.

Although it is designed for cardiovascular use, the Whale Lambda P9 is also a quality shared service ultrasound machine. The P9 is a solid performer for clinicians looking for an affordable, durable ultrasound machine. It has already been adopted by professional sports teams for orthopedic use in their training facilities.

Key differences between the Lambda P9 and other machines in its class, are speed, cardiac/vascular imaging, frame rates, and wall definition.

For cardiac imaging, the Lambda P9 features best-in-class color Doppler cardiac imaging, as well as good penetration for more difficult patients. Vascular imaging had good penetration and superficial venous imaging, making this a good choice for cardiovascular imaging.

In its price range, the Lambda P9 is generally equal to or exceeds its competitors in cardiac/vascular imaging such as the Chison EBit 60, SonoSite M-Turbo, refurbished GE Logiq e, and SonoScape S8Exp. Its speed is similar to the fast SonoSite M-Turbo, although the P9 is more versatile and saves loops almost instantaneously, greatly increasing productivity by the ultrasound technician.

The P9’s intuitive design is reminiscent of GE’s Vivid i, which provides an easy learning curve for technicians familiar with GE’s line of portable ultrasound machines.

As with other ultrasounds in this price range, the Lambda P9 features high-end imaging technologies such as speckle reduction, tissue harmonics, compound imaging, auto optimization, Quad Beamforming, and Needle Visualization. Built-in Wireless functionality is also unique for systems in this price range, and images can be transferred immediately to the DICOM/PACS system.

Providian Medical’s Whale Imaging Lambda P9 Review:

Our independent tests of the Lambda P9 had us impressed with Whale Imaging’s innovation. This is among the first portable ultrasound machines in its price range to provide very good, new cardiac ultrasound in a price range typically dominated by refurbished, not new machines. Its speed was immediately apparent as best-in-class for this market. This is most noticeable in a fast boot time and nearly instantaneous saving of loops of any length. Compared side-by-side for cardiovascular imaging, the Lambda P9 generally performed better than others in its class. Research and development on this system continues to be very aggressive by Whale Imaging, with improvements continuing to help the P9 rise to the top of ultrasounds in this specific market and price point.