The refurbished SonoSite VisualSonics Vevo MD is the first Ultra High Frequency ultrasound machine FDA approved for clinical use.

On its release, the highest frequency transducers available for diagnostic ultrasound was 23MHz. The used Vevo MD introduced two transducers at Ultra High Frequency, ranging from 20-70 MHz, designed for very superficial use in multiple applications.

The Vevo MD has three imaging modes: Color Doppler, M-Mode, and standard 2D. It provides high resolution superficial imaging that is ideal for neonatal, pediatric, vascular, venous, MSK, dermatology, clinical research, small parts.

In addition the the two UHF ultra high frequency transducers, the Vevo MD has a standard 10-22MHz linear probe for adult patients in vascular and MSK studies.

The Vevo MD has an ergonomic design with a 10″ customizable touchscreen user interface, foldable 19″ high resolution monitor, DICOM, export to multiple PC formats, 4 USB 3.0 ports, measurement and analysis packages, and IMT calculations.

Providian Medical VisualSonics Vevo MD Review:

The Vevo MD represents a new wave in superficial ultrasound techniques. VisualSonics advertises the axial resolution at 30 μm, which is stated to be about half the size of a grain of sand. What this means is that it can show an image of this size on-screen.

 At its release, it did had color but not PW Doppler, which may be added in future versions. Its ultra high frequency probes allow for very high resolution images of very superficial tissue. This will be a breakthrough for neonatal, pediatric, and some MSK imaging for adults and children.