A used Toshiba Artida is one of Toshiba’s most advanced cardiovascular ultrasound machines, featuring advanced 4D cardiac imaging for high-end cardiology imaging.

Created for the most advanced cardiac imaging applications, the Artida features many options not found on other Toshiba ultrasound systems, including MultiCast, Pulse Subtraction, and 4D reconstruction applications.

The Artida includes Toshiba’s new SmartCore processing, as well as a new set of transducers designed specifically for this model and the high-end Toshiba Aplio 500. Part of this group of transducers includes the smallest, lightest 4D cardiac ultrasound transducer on the market.

Providian Medical Toshiba Artida Ultrasound Review

2D imaging for cardiology is outstanding in all the premium cardiac/vascular ultrasound systems. The competition now is who can produce the fastest, cleanest 4D cardiac image with multiplanar view. The Artida is something to consider when you’re looking at price/performance in a new high end cardiovascular ultrasound machine.