The SonoSite Titan portable ultrasound machine is an excellent low-cost, durable, color Doppler ultrasound machine. Only available as a used ultrasound machine, the Titan remains a solid choice for those seeking a good portable ultrasound machine with Doppler capabilities.

The SonoSite Titan is popular in small offices, intensive care units, and emergency rooms where an ultrasound machine isn’t always available in the budget. Our customers use it for basic triage, PICC lines, vascular and general abdominal imaging. There is also a cardiac option with CW Doppler, but this machine is not designed for a full-blown cardiac study.

The Titan is the predecessor to the MicroMaxx and M-Turbo. Like all SonoSite portable ultrasound machines for sale, it is an extremely durable ultrasound machine and seem to last forever. Most customers will comment that it seems the SonoSite systems are indestructible.

Providian Medical’s Expert Comment

SonoSite portable ultrasound machines are among our customers’ favorites. They don’t break, they have good image quality, and they’re easy to use. You’ll want to talk to your Providian consultant about whether a SonoSite is right for you. The reason is that SonoSite ultrasound machines are designed for specific markets and specific types of users. They are not catch-all systems like most portable ultrasound machines.

We have always been big fans of the SonoSite Titan and its successors, the SonoSite MicroMaxx, SonoSite M-Turbo, and SonoSite Edge. The Titan is one of the most affordable and reliable color Doppler portable ultrasound machines for sale.