The refurbished SonoSite SII is the second-generation point-of-care ultrasound in the SonoSite S-Series of portable ultrasound machines.

The used SonoSite SII design departs slightly from the previous S-Series ultrasound machines by its size and user controls. It is about 3 inches taller than the original S-Series and 2 inches thinner. It adds 4 pounds of weight (12.6 lbs) and has more intuitive controls. The SII is completely flat-panel and has an overall different look and feel than the original S-Series ultrasounds.

Imaging modes include 2D, M-Mode, tissue harmonics, velocity color Doppler, color Power Doppler and it includes SonoSite’s advanced image processing technologies such as SonoADAPT, SonoHD2, can colorHD.

As with the original S-Series, the SII can be mounted as a zero-footprint machine with mounting hardware.

The SII is designed for bedside/point-of-care ultrasound use. It includes a wide variety of imaging presets for optimal imaging, and also includes calculation packages for cardiac, OB/GYN/Fertility, and arterial exams. A full list of available exam types is listed below in the features section.

Providian Medical SonoSite SII Ultrasound Review:

Overall the image quality is improved over the original S-Series, and it is designed to be more intuitive with a better user interface. It’s larger than the original series and a bit heavier. However, on a cart or wall-mount, this is not an issue. SonoSite continues to serve the needs by designing excellent point-of-care products.