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Type: Emergency Medicine Musculoskeletal Anesthesia

The refurbished SonoSite SII is the second-generation point-of-care ultrasound in the SonoSite S-Series of portable ultrasound machines.

The used SonoSite SII design departs slightly from the previous S-Series ultrasound machines by its size and user controls. It is about 3 inches taller than the original S-Series and 2 inches thinner. It adds 4 pounds of weight (12.6 lbs) and has more intuitive controls. The SII is completely flat-panel and has an overall different look and feel than the original S-Series ultrasounds.

Imaging modes include 2D, M-Mode, tissue harmonics, velocity color Doppler, color Power Doppler and it includes SonoSite’s advanced image processing technologies such as SonoADAPT, SonoHD2, can colorHD.

As with the original S-Series, the SII can be mounted as a zero-footprint machine with mounting hardware.

The SII is designed for bedside/point-of-care ultrasound use. It includes a wide variety of imaging presets for optimal imaging, and also includes calculation packages for cardiac, OB/GYN/Fertility, and arterial exams. A full list of available exam types is listed below in the features section.

Providian Medical SonoSite SII Ultrasound Review:

Overall the image quality is improved over the original S-Series, and it is designed to be more intuitive with a better user interface. It’s larger than the original series and a bit heavier. However, on a cart or wall-mount, this is not an issue. SonoSite continues to serve the needs by designing excellent point-of-care products.

Imaging Modes 2D
Applications Abdominal, Breast, Cardiac, Emergency Medicine, OB/GYN, Musculoskeletal, Neonatal, Anesthesia, Small Parts, Superficial, Vascular, Venous
Features Auto Optimization, Tissue Harmonics, M-Mode, Velocity Color Doppler, Power Doppler, Compound Imaging, Speckle Reduction, DICOM, Needle Visualization
Year Built 2016-Current
Active Probe Ports 2
Video and Output Options Ethernet, Wireless, USB, HDMI, Composite Video, DICOM
Monitor 12.1" High Resolution LCD
Touchscreen Yes
Dimensions 12.6 lbs, 17.6" x 11.5" x 4.8"
Export Options WiFi, DICOM, MPEG, JPG, BMP
USB Ports 3
DICOM Options Print, Store, MPPS, Worklist, Commitment
PC Export Formats MPEG, JPG, BMP, SonoSite Patient Data Archival Software
Ethernet Yes
Wireless Yes
Power (USA) 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Battery Yes
Trackball/Trackpad Trackpad, Touchscreen
HDD Size 16GB
Max Cine Memory 255 Frames
Accessories Stand, Printer, Barcode Scanner, Second Battery, DVD-Recorder, Wall Mount
Manufacturers SonoSite

Q:How is the refurbished SonoSite SII different than the original S-series of SonoSite ultrasounds?

A: The SII is overall larger and heavier than the original series. This is generally not a problem because it is not a handheld machine. It is designed for use on a cart or wall-mount. Additionally, image quality is improved, it's more versatile, and considered more user-friendly.

Q:Can I export images from the used SonoSite SII?

A: Yes, it can export wired or wireless to a PACS system, and it can also export in PC or DICOM format to a USB.

Q:What is a Point of Care ultrasound machine?

A: Generally, the Point-of-Care portable ultrasound machines are used by physicians who may be doing needle injections, triage, FAST exams, ICU, and other applications in which a fast, easy machine is needed. These machines generally do not have extensive calculations packages and are typically not used for full exams.

Q:Why should I purchase the SonoSite SII?

A: The SonoSite SII is excellent for mobility, image quality and ease-of-use. On a stand, it is transported easily from Emergency, ICU, Anesthesia or other departments. It has a wide variety of new transducers that are designed specifically for point-of-care applications.

Q:Is the SonoSite SII good for sterile environments?

A: The SII is specifically designed to be easily cleaned and disinfected. The lack of a keyboard or other controls make it very easily to quickly clean and disinfect the ultrasound machine.

Q:Is the SII similar to the SonoSite Edge or other FujiFilm SonoSite ultrasound machines?

A: For ease-of-use, durability, and image quality, the SII is similar to the M-Turbo. It has the same excellent image quality and variety of transducers. However, the EDGE has a full keyboard and is better for full diagnostic exams. Both are considered very good point-of-care ultrasound machines.

Q:Can I use the FujiFilm SonoSite SII for needle-guidance procedures?

A: Yes, we sell a lot of refurbished SonoSite systems to physicians using a portable ultrasound for needle-guided procedures.

Q:Do I have to have Needle Visualization to perform needle-guided procedures?

A: No, any ultrasound can do this, however, every bit of optimization technology that can be used is helpful in guiding a needle.

Q:What is SonoADAPT on SonoSite portable ultrasound machines?

A: SonoADAPT is an automatic tissue optimization feature, which automatically adjusts gain and other imaging controls, which increases image quality and improves efficiency.

Q:What is SonoSite SonoHD2?

A: This is most commonly known as a speckle reduction imaging enhancement package offered on ultrasound machines. It uses a special software algorithm to enhance tissue definition and eliminate artifact (speckle) within the image.

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  • 90 Day warranty with extended warranty options
  • Loaner systems available for service emergencies
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