The SonoSite NanoMaxx portable ultrasound machine is a truly handheld ultrasound with a touchscreen interface. It has excellent image quality and well designed for point-of-care/bedside ultrasound situations.

Its touchscreen interface is easy to use and allows you to take measurements, add annotations, and perform 2D, M-Mode, and color ultrasound exams. This is an ideal system for PICC lines and other needle-guided procedures.

Providian Medical SonoSite NanoMaxx Review:

The NanoMaxx has very similar image quality to the SonoSite M-Turbo. It has compound imaging (SonoMB) and Speckle Reduction (SonoHD), which help improve image quality. The NanoMaxx is a solid ultrasound system, although in some cases its popularity makes it hard-to-find.