The refurbished SonoSite MicroMaxx for portable ultrasound machine for veterinary medicine is among the easiest-to-use, high quality vet ultrasound system.

With durability being the most attractive and commonly known features of the used SonoSite MicroMaxx vet, its image quality is very good for all veterinary applications. From small pets to large farm animals, the SonoSite Micromaxx offers a portable shared service ultrasound solution that can provide great images for full-body veterinary studies.

The MicroMaxx veterinary portable ultrasound for sale has transducers with frequencies ranging from 2.0 MHz to 13.0MHz and a full suite of transducers including a linear rectal transducers.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

SonoSite ultrasound machines are durable, rock-solid and easy to use. The refurbished MicroMaxx provides vets with an affordable shared-service veterinary ultrasound with legendary durability as well as very good image quality. The SonoSite MicroMaxx vet ultrasound for sale has a great price for a used portable ultrasound that offers all the things a vet is looking for in an ultrasound… easy-to-use, durability, image quality, battery powered, and probes appropriate for the veterinary practice.