The used SonoSite iVIZ handheld ultrasound machine is an extremely lightweight Point of Care color Doppler ultrasound machine. Weighing just 1.1lbs and featuring a 7-inch high resolution touchscreen and interchangeable probes, it is the first of its kind for point-of-care highly portable ultrasound machines.

The refurbished iVIZ bedside ultrasound is ideal for eFAST, FATE, triage and all sorts of quick diagnosis. It also includes measurement packages for some cardiac and OB/GYN studies.

With integrated wifi and bluetooth, studies can be quickly sent to PACS, emailed or transferred via bluetooth to a DICOM device, PACS network, or cloud-based imaging system. It also includes a micro-usb connector so it can connect directly with a PC. Additionally, with a simple phone hotspot, images can be viewed or printed anywhere in the world nearly instantaneously. Thus, the iVIZ is excellent for imaging in remote conditions and military applications.

The battery is also swappable for recharging, with each battery providing and estimated 60 minutes of scan time.

Providian Medical SonoSite iVIZ Ultrasound Review

The iVIZ provides a completely new look on point-of-care ultrasound, providing an excellent lightweight solution that is very versatile in triage and other bedside ultrasound situations. The 7-inch high resolution touchscreen monitor provides for excellent image quality, and it has surprising image quality with obese patients.