The Sonosite iLook Ultrasound system is a lightweight, portable, handheld ultrasound machine with black and white and Color Power Doppler imaging (angio). Designed for point-of-care, the SonoSite iLook used ultrasound machine is popular for vascular access, abdominal imaging, needle guidance, PICC lines, and general cardiac imaging.

The refurbished SonoSite iLook runs runs two probes, a microconvex and 25mm linear probe. It’s one of the more popular used handheld portable ultrasound machines for sale designed for quick-look diagnostics in hospital departments and other clinical settings in needing a fast, easy-to-use ultrasound without a complicated user interface. The iLook can be found in emergency room, radiology, intensive care, and surgical recovery.

Providian Medical Ultrasound Review:

There’s not much to this ultrasound machine, which is what’s so great about it. It’s very easy-to-use and designed for clinicians to get quick access to veins and arteries. The image quality is very good for PICC Lines and other vascular access needs, and with the microconvex you can view abdominal, simple cardiac, and other general radiology for a simple and quick diagnostics. Simply put, you turn it on, get your image, and move on. No bells and whistles or other extraneous controls. It’s perfect for this market because its cost is low and usability is great.