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Product Highlights

Type: Cardiac Vascular General Imaging OB/GYN Emergency Medicine Anesthesia

The used SonoSite Edge portable ultrasound machine has a markedly different look than its three predecessors: The SonoSite M-Turbo, MicroMaxx, and Titan products. Using a solid aluminum core and magnesium shell, SonoSite revamped the user interface, increased its overall size, increased the LCD viewing area by almost 2-inches, while minimally increasing its weight. The result is a different look, different feel, and better overall viewing area and user experience. And the new shell is as durable, if not more, than prior SonoSite portable ultrasounds.

Overall image quality also improves with the refurbished SonoSite Edge with its next-generation SonoHD2™ and ColorHD™ image optimization technologies.

Providian Medical SonoSite Edge Review:

SonoSite may have revamped the user interface, but it did not forget its target market. The Edge improved on its unparalleled durability and ease-of-use, while creating a better overall user experience. It has a very high-tech look and it looks, feels, and gives an overall much-improved imaging experience for the user. Used SonoSite systems are rock-solid and if your budget fits the price of the SonoSite Edge, this is one you should consider to buy.

Imaging Modes 2D
Applications Abdominal, Breast, Cardiac, OB/GYN, Musculoskeletal, Neonatal, Small Parts, Superficial, TCD, Vascular, Venous, General Imaging, Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, TEE, Veterinary
Features M-Mode, Velocity Color Doppler, PW Doppler, CW Doppler, Tissue Harmonics, Compound Imaging, Speckle Reduction, DICOM, IMT, Needle Visualization, Auto Optimization, Power Doppler, Tissue Doppler
Year Built 2011-Current
Active Probe Ports 1
Video and Output Options Composite Video, S-Video, DVI, Wireless
Monitor 12.1" LCD
Touchscreen N/A
Dimensions 8.5 lbs, 13" x 12.5" x 2.5"
Export Options DICOM, USB, JPG, BMP, MPEG
USB Ports 2
DICOM Options Store, Print, MPPS, Commitment, Worklist
PC Export Formats MPEG, BMP, JPG
Ethernet Yes
Wireless Yes
Power (USA) 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Battery Yes
Trackball/Trackpad Trackpad
HDD Size 8GB
Max Cine Memory 255 Frames
Maximum Depth (cm) 35
Accessories Footswitch, Triple Transducer Connect, Printer, DVD-Recorder, Cart, Barcode Scanner, ECG, VCR
Manufacturers SonoSite

Q:Can I connect the refurbished SonoSite Edge to an external monitor and/or DVD-Recorder?

A: Yes, the Edge has DVI out, S-Video in and output, and composite video output for connection to external recording or printing devices.

Q:Can the SonoSite Edge portable ultrasound export to USB devices?

A: Yes, the Edge has two USB ports for connecting to a flash drive or external storage device.

Q:Can I connect the SonoSite Edge to my network to store my images or send them to a radiologist for review?

A: Yes, the SonoSite Edge can connect via Ethernet or WiFi to export images and it has full DICOM capabilities, including Store, Print, Storage Commit, Modality Worklist, and MPPS.

Q:What is a "Point of Care" ultrasound machine?

A: "Point of Care" ultrasound machine refers to the rapidly growing group of clinicians performing and interpreting ultrasound at the bedside. This includes surgery, emergency medicine, Intensive Care (ICU) and musculoskeletal care. "Point of Care" ultrasounds provide rapid diagnosis, visualization of tissue, and needle visualization for procedures at bedside. Some medical schools are providing ultrasound machines to their students to carry around during their clinical rotations.

Q:What is "Advanced Needle Visualization" on the used SonoSite Edge?

A: This improves your ability to see a needle in tissue. Ultrasounds designed for needle guidance use a beam-steering technology to steer ultrasound beam perpendicular to the needle, thereby improving visualization of the needle.

Q:Can I use the SonoSite Edge for needle-guidance procedures?

A: Yes, we sell a lot of refurbished SonoSite systems to physicians using a portable ultrasound for needle-guided procedures.

Q:Do I have to have Needle Visualization to perform needle-guided procedures?

A: No, any ultrasound can do this, however, every bit of optimization technology that can be used is helpful in guiding a needle.

Q:What is SonoMB?

A: SonoMB on SonoSite ultrasound machines is also known as compound imaging. It allows the ultrasound transducer to see from multiple lines of site at different angles, as opposed to the standard line-of-site that's perpendicular to the transducer lens. The result is a better-defined image with reduced artifact.

Q:What is SonoADAPT on SonoSite portable ultrasound machines?

A: SonoADAPT is an automatic tissue optimization feature, which automatically adjusts gain and other imaging controls, which increases image quality and improves efficiency.

Q:What is SonoSite SonoHD2?

A: This is most commonly known as a speckle reduction imaging enhancement package offered on ultrasound machines. It uses a special software algorithm to enhance tissue definition and eliminate artifact (speckle) within the image.

Q:Does Providian offer any service contracts with the purchase of the SonoSite Edge?

A: Our Providian Medical Field Service offers 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-year service contracts with the purchase of the SonoSite Edge. We provide discounts for multi-year service contracts. A refurbished SonoSite Edge purchased from Providian qualifies for OEM service through the manufacturer as well.

Q:Do you have the manual for the SonoSite Edge ultrasound system?

A: If you are interested in receiving the SonoSite Edge ultrasound manual, please contact us today. Providian Medical has a large inventory of owner's manuals and brochures.

Q:Can the SonoSite Edge ultrasound machine be shipped outside of the United States?

A: Providian Medical can ship the SonoSite Edge ultrasound system internationally with proper insurance. Providian does abide by all trade laws and is restricted in some instances from shipping the SonoSite Edge to certain countries. Contact us today for more information.

Q:Does the SonoSite Edge ultrasound machine work with 220 voltage?

A: The SonoSite Edge ultrasound system can be converted and outfitted with an adapter to ensure compatibility with 220 voltage.

Q:Does Providian Medical offer any financing options for the SonoSite Edge?

A: Our finance department at Providian Medical will be more than willing to work with you and your budget to help secure funding. We have a number of financing options for purchasing the SonoSite Edge, including leasing. Contact us today to find out more.

Q:Would Providian be interested in buying the SonoSite Edge? I have one that I am looking to sell.

A: Providian Medical is looking to purchase qualified SonoSite Edge Ultrasound systems that can be fully refurbished and restored to exceed OEM specifications. To learn more about selling us your SonoSite Edge, please contact us for a free price quote.

Step 1: Intro/Overview

SonoSite Edge Ultrasound Training Part 1 IntroductionPart 1 of the SonoSite Edge ultrasound training series provides an overview of the ultrasound machine and an introduction to how it works.

While the SonoSite Edge ultrasound is relatively easy-to-use, most folks benefit from viewing these videos and finding some hidden gems.

Although you can view each video in this series individually, it helps to view them sequentially, because each video builds on what you learned in the previous part.

This is one among many of our videos in our Ultrasound Machine Training library.

Step 2: Imaging/Save/Measure/ Annotate

Part 2 introduces you to how imaging with the SonoSite Edge ultrasound. Included in this section is saving images, cine review, making measurements and annotating images.

Although you can view each video in this series individually, it helps to view them sequentially, because each video builds on what you learned in the previous part.

Step 3: Doppler/M-Mode

The Edge has Color/Power/PW/CW Doppler modes as a shared service setup. This section of the training discusses how to use the various modes and make adjustments to the regions of interest.

Step 4: System Setup/DICOM

As with other SonoSite ultrasound machines, there are not a considerable amount of customizations that can be made. For the most part, what you see is what you get. However, there typically are some things you’ll want to do to set your machine to your own preferences. This is also the video you’ll want to watch to learn about connectivity to a Network or DICOM server.

Step 5: Review/Export/Report

Our final installation of the SonoSite Edge training Series  shows how to review the images, measurements, and export reports and images via a USB on the SonoSite Edge portable ultrasound machine.

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  • Loaner systems available for service emergencies
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