The refurbished SonoSite Edge II portable ultrasound machine builds on the durability and image quality of the popular SonoSite Edge ultrasound machine.

The used Edge II from SonoSite introduces new technologies over its predecessor, the Edge, including DirectClear technology, which increases penetration and contrast resolution on its newly introduced transducers, also found on the SonoSite SII Point-of-Care touchscreen tablet-style ultrasound machines.

SonoSite Edge II armored cable design compared to regular ultrasound cableAlso new on the Edge II is its new and unique Armored Cable Technology, which is designed to protect the strain reliefs from breaking down after prolonged use. Cables often become strained after years of use, such as being rolled over with the cart, stepped on, and general use from strain on the cable.

The Edge II is a shared service ultrasound 2D/PW/CW/Color Velocity Doppler/Power Doppler/Tissue Doppler as well as image optimization technologies including SonoADAPT, SonoHD2, and ColorHD. New to the Edge II include newly designed transducers with a dualflex and thin lens design which increases penetration, clarity and color sensitivity for visualization of vessels and nerves.

Providian Medical SonoSite Edge 2 Ultrasound Review:

SonoSite continues to lead the industry with innovative durability technologies, making it an optimal ultrasound machine for mobile, point-of-care and emergency medicine applications. Because most ultrasounds in these situations are in multiple-user environments, durability and ease-of-use is a key factor. Its full design, including hardware and software, makes the Edge II the most durable ultrasound machine with advanced imaging technology. The Edge II is an excellent choice for those needing excellent image quality and a strong, easy-to-use portable ultrasound machine. 

We wish the SonoSite’s could be more programmable for the user, as they are generally stuck with standard factory presets with a lack of advanced customization. That being said, SonoSite’s default factory imaging presets are some of the best in the business.