The new SonoScape X5 ultrasound machine offers its first laptop-style ultrasound machine, designed for higher portability, durability, and lower cost over other ultrasounds in the SonoScape line of portable ultrasound machines.

This mid- range ultrasound machine has image quality similar to the SonoScape S9 and SonoScape S8 Expert, but is designed more for general imaging, radiology, OB/GYN, MSK, and vascular imaging. Similar products to the X5 include the Mindray M5, Mindray M7, Chison Q9, Chison EBit 60, Chison EBit 50, and GE Logiq e portable ultrasound machines.

Imaging technologies for the X5 include compound imaging, speckle reduction, harmonics, fast SSD hard drive, DICOM, Wi-Fi, HDMI output, and Bluetooth. Some of these technologies are the first available from a SonoScape machine, and make it a more versatile portable ultrasound machine.

SonoScape X5 Portable Ultrasound Review

The X5 is a welcome addition to the SonoScape lineup. The image quality is good for a mid-range ultrasound machine and is a nice alternative to others in the mid-range portable ultrasound market, such as those offerings from Mindray, Chison, and GE. The price cost of the SonoScape X5 makes it a very affordable point-of-care durable ultrasound machine.