The new SonoScape S9 Pro shared service ultrasound machine is a non touchscreen version of the popular SonoScape S9 ultrasound machine.

All the features of this mid-upper range portable ultrasound machine are the same as the S9, including its excellent image quality and applauded cardiac imaging capabilities. Since its release, the S9 and S9 Pro ultrasound machines are recognized for outstanding image quality for nearly every application.

The SonoScape S9 Pro portable ultrasound is excellent in a variety of clinical situations, with a wide range of transducers to fit those needs. The S9 pro offers an excellent shared service ultrasound at a very good price.

Providian Medical SonoScape S9 Pro Ultrasound Review

As with all the other SonoScape products, the S9 Pro gets rave reviews for its 2D image quality. Most surprising is its cardiac capabilities, where its 2D imaging rivals many of the higher-end more expensive portable ultrasound machines. The S9 Pro offers a better price than the S9 because of its standard keyboard rather than than the touchscreen interface.