The new SonoScape S8Exp is a mid-range portable ultrasound machine for sale aimed at having an aggressive price-point with above-standard image quality. Additionally, it is fully shared service with the best image in its class for all modalities. Few ultrasound machines in this price point have true high quality shared service capabilities.

The S8 Exp also includes 4D obstetric imaging, which makes it one of the most unique ultrasound machines on the market, and it is designed to meet the budgets of mobile ultrasound services, private practices, and small hospitals or those who are looking to experiment with ultrasound in their hospital.

Its 15″ LCD monitor tilts up to 45-degrees, as well, making it easier to view in a variety of situations, including Emergency Department, surgical, anesthesia mobile, and bedside ultrasound.

Providian Medical Expert SonoScape S8 Exp Review

The SonoScape S8 Exp portable ultrasound machine has impressive image quality in all modalities. Our customers have been pleased, impressed, and surprised at the quality of images they’re┬áreceiving from the S8 Exp. Its price point make it one of the most attractive ultrasound machine for those needing high quality ultrasound at the most reasonable price point.