The SonoScape A6 portable ultrasound machine is among the best imaging black and white portable ultrasound machines on the market. For a cost under $10,000, this fully digital ultrasound machine has linear probe frequencies up to 12MHz and it’s a great budget choice for general imaging, OB, MSK, line placement, and needle guidance.

Featuring an extremely lightweight design, weighing about 13 pounds, the SonoScape A6 ultrasound is portable and ideal for moving from imaging room to imaging room, or meeting the needs of bedside or point-of-care. Additionally, you can enjoy strain-free viewing with the ultrasound’s 12-inch LCD monitor that tilts up to a 30° angle.

Imaging with the SonoScape A6 ultrasound

The SonoScape A6 ultrasound’s image quality is excellent among its class, and it offers a host of advanced, front-end technologies. In addition to black-and-white image quality, the SonoScape A6 ultrasound features:

  • Excellent B and M-Mode imaging
  • Fully digital beamformer technology
  • Automatic image optimization
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging for significantly improving image contrast and resolution
  • Five variable frequencies for minimizing the need to change ultrasound probes

With regards to transducers, the SonoScape A6 is compatible with a range of high-density probes, including 180-degree endocavity probes with temperature-detection technology.

Increased efficiency and performance with the SonoScape A6

As a reliable, hand-carried ultrasound unit, the SonoScape A6 B/W portable ultrasound aims to increase productivity while reducing strain. Additionally, you can reach new imaging heights with abundant software packages and programmable hot keys, DICOM 3.0 connectivity, extreme flexibility, and more.

Available as a new system with a 2-year warranty, the SonoScape A6 portable ultrasound system is a cost-effective choice for clinicians needing a high resolution black and white portable ultrasound machine for their practice.

Providian Medical Expert Review:

This is a very nice black and white portable ultrasound system. Its price point is among its most attractive features, as it’s available new with a 2-year warranty. The image quality is among the best in its class, which makes it a great solution for those looking to place PICC lines, perform MSK work, general abdominal and general OB imaging. Call today to get a free quote!