The SIUI CTS-5500v is an affordable, high quality black-and-white portable veterinary ultrasound machine that has a competitive price as a new vet ultrasound machine.

The CTS-5500v is fully digital and has 6 multi-frequency transducers available for veterinary ultrasound scanning. Each transducer has five selectable frequencies. As a digital system, it has cine review up to 256 frames and images can be saved to the internal hard drive and exported via CD, USB drive, or to a DICOM network.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review:

The SIUI CTS-5500v is popular with our customers for a variety of applications. It has very good quality and its variety of transducers available allow great flexibility within your practice. Typically our customers purchase the 5500v veterinary ultrasound for injury diagnosis (joints, tendons), visualization of organs, cardiology, fertility, and ovarian growth.