The SIUI CTS-5500v is a high-quality black-and-white portable ultrasound machine for bovine and equine studies. It includes a variety of transducers, including a choice of two different linear rectal transducers for repro/fertility and diagnostics.

Each broadband linear rectal transducer has a user-selectable frequency range of 5 different frequencies, ranging from 3.5MHz to 10MHz depending on the transducer.

As a digital system, it has cine review up to 256 frames and images can be saved to the internal hard drive and exported via CD, USB drive, or to a DICOM network.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review:

The SIUI CTS-5500v for bovine and equine imaging is a higher-resolution ultrasound than most black-and-white portable veterinary ultrasound machines. The transducers offer better resolution and penetration in the image, which makes image quality superior and allows for quicker and more accurate diagnosis.