The SIUI Apogee 1200 Omni is a full shared-services portable ultrasound machine and also includes Stress Echo. This fully digital ultrasound has very good image quality, particularly considering its size. As a new system, it comes with a 2-year warranty as well as the latest image optimization technologies.

It includes needle visualization beam steering, cardiac stress echo, AutoIMT, wireless image transmission to iPad or iPhone, Panoramic Imaging, and has a 15″ LCD monitor.

Providian Medical Ultrasound Review:

The introduction of the Apogee 1200 Omni portable ultrasound system grabbed our attention quickly. As the Omni is shared-services, it fills a rare and much needed spot as a reasonably priced shared-services portable ultrasound machine. After testing and reviewing the Apogee 1200 Omni, we found that it outweighed our expectations for its image quality. The image quality is great and hard to believe when considering its size and price. 

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