The refurbished Samsung WS80A women’s health ultrasound machine is a premium unit with advanced diagnostic and 4D imaging capabilities.

The used WS80A is one of the most advanced Women’s Health ultrasound machines on the market, competing directly with the popular GE Voluson e8 Expert with HDLive. The WS80A contains essentially equivalent technologies at a lower price, including FRV, which is Samsung’s equivalent to GE’s HDLive technology.

Samsung WS80 FRV Fetal Realistic ViewAdditionally, Samsung has some breakthrough technologies on the WS80, including the innovative Android “Hello Mom” app, which can wirelessly connect an Android smartphone to the WS80. Images and fetal information can be transferred to the smartphone, and mothers can share ultrasound images (including 4D images) via their Android smartphone.

Providian Medical Samsung UGEO WS80A Ultrasound Review:

At the time of its initial release, the WS80A features arguably the most advanced ultrasound diagnostic and peripheral features of all Women’s Health imaging ultrasound systems on the market.

Leveraging Samsung’s smartphone app and connectivity technologies, the Samsung is the first manufacturer to allow for direct image transfer to patients, who can in turn share images and fetal information with their friends, family, and on social networks.