The refurbished Samsung RS85 is a premium full-body shared service ultrasound machine and adds features over the Samsung RS80A shared service ultrasound machine. For a non-shared service model, the Samsung Medison UGEO WS80A is a similar model that is designed for more general imaging and women’s health.

The used Samsung Medison RS85 for sale includes some advanced features on its premium line, most importantly MV-Flow, S-Fusion, S-Shearwave Imaging, CEUS, S-Vue Transducers, 3D Arterial Analysis, and 3D Vessel Modeling.

MV-Flow detects bloodflow in microvascular tissue, which is a more sensitive technology that improves visualization of low velocity bloodflow.

The S-Shearwave Imaging allows for quantification of tissue elasticity using Shear Wave elastography, which increases the accuracy of the diagnosis of diseases such as hepatocirrhosis and tumors.

CEUS+ uses a contrast agent for the diagnosis of bloodflow or lesions, allowing for better diagnostic evaluation of liver and breast.

S-Vue transducers on Samsung ultrasound machines utilize newer transducer technologies and better crystal technology to improve image quality throughout the entire image area.

Samsung’s S-Fusion™ technology provides advanced imaging and analysis of the prostate, allowing coordination and simultaneous comparative analysis of images and sonograms from other diagnosis instruments such as MRI and CT.

The Medison RS85 has a 23″ monitor and highly customizable user interface, including a 13″ tilting and fully customizable touchscreen interface, and 6-way motorized adjustable control panel.

Providian Medical’s Samsung-Medison RS85 Ultrasound Review

The refurbished Samsung RS85 ultrasound machine is designed to compete with other premium radiology/shared service ultrasound machines, using advanced technologies for specialists and hospital environments. Its advanced transducer and diagnostic technologies place it closer to higher end Logiq ultrasound machines from GE and some mid-range Philips ultrasound machines.