The refurbished Samsung Medison RS80A ultrasound machine is designed as its premium color Doppler general radiology shared service ultrasound system.

Somewhat similar to the Women’s Health WS80A, the RS80A is designed specifically for radiology departments, with full shared service capabilities and ultrasound technologies that optimize the system for the typical radiology user.

With a 23″ full high definition monitor, 13″ tilting touchscreen, and 6-way motorized moving lift, the used┬áSamsung Medision RS80A is designed with ease-of-use and ergonomics in mind.

Providian Medical’s Samsung-Medison RS80A Ultrasound Review

The RS80A, while appearing to be designed for a broad market, was designed specifically with the radiology department in mind. Whether this turns out to be a hit has yet to be seen.

Regardless, the Samsung-Medison premium ultrasounds such as the RS80A, provide a mid-high range ultrasound at a reasonable price.