The used Samsung EKO 7 is intended as a dedicated cardiovascular imaging ultrasound machine, however, it also has capabilities and transducers for OB/GYN and other modalities.

The refurbished EKO 7 includes many advanced cardiac and vascular diagnostic tools including Strain, Stress Echo, AutoIMT, 4-way motorized TEE, and Tissue Motion Annulus Displacement (TMAD).

The EKO 7 also includes Samsung’s advanced image optimization technologies, including DMR Plus speckle/noise reduction filter, multi-beam compound imaging, and full spectrum broadband imaging.

Providian Medical Samsung EK0 7 Ultrasound Review:

The Samsung Medison EKO 7 is designed to be Samsung’s advanced cardiovascular unit, designed specifically for the C/V market. It is primarily for mid-upper range customers looking for solid image quality without paying the price for the high-end Siemens, GE, or Philips line of cardiovascular ultrasound machines for sale.