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Product Highlights

The used Samsung Medison Accuvix A30 is Samsung’s mid-high range ultrasound machine. It features a complete redesign of the console and includes a revamped set of imaging technologies. Samsung steps into the upper-mid-range ultrasound market with the Accuvix A30, which is best used in OB/GYN, vascular, small parts, superficial, abdominal, and other general imaging studies.

Refurbished Samsung ultrasound machines are best known for reasonably priced, quality ultrasound machines… most notably, its well-known 4D OB/GYN capabilities. The used Accuvix A30 has a completely redesigned interface, including height-adjustable keyboard and height-adjustable and swivel 21.5″ HD LED flat-panel monitor.

One of the more notable technologies on the A30 is its facial recognition features for 4D imaging. The technology improves 4D “babyface” imaging automagically through its software. It is the first such software of its kind.

Providian Medical Accuvix A30 Ultrasound Review

The price of the Samsung Medison products make them very attractive for offices, small hospitals, and other departments looking for an advanced ultrasound at a reasonable price. These are typically found at lower prices than most other manufacturers, and the Accuvix A30 creates a competitor to many high-end ultrasound machines with advanced imaging features as well as outstanding 4D images. 

Imaging Modes 2D, 3D/4D
Applications Abdominal, OB/GYN, Cardiac, Vascular, Fetal, Urology, Small Parts, Musculoskeletal, TCD, Pediatrics, Superficial, Venous, Breast, General Imaging
Features M-Mode, Color Doppler, PW Doppler, CW Doppler, Power Doppler, Directional Color Power Doppler, Tissue Doppler, Compound Imaging, Speckle Reduction, Tissue Harmonics, IMT, HPRF, Auto Optimization, 4D Virtual HD (HDLive), 4D Face Recognition, DICOM, HD-DVR, CD/DVD-R Drive, 3D/4D
Year Built 2011– Current
Active Probe Ports 4 + Pedoff
Video and Output Options Ethernet, DICOM, HD Digital Video Recorder, USB, Composite Video, DVI
Monitor 23" HD LED
Monitor Resolution 1920x1080
Touchscreen 9"
Dimensions 245 lbs, 53"- 71" x 22" x 30"
USB Ports 4
DICOM Options Store, Print, Worklist, MPPS, Commitment, Structured Reports
PC Export Formats TIFF, AVI, JPG, BMP
Ethernet Yes
Wireless No
Power (USA) 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Battery No
Trackball/Trackpad Trackball
HDD Size 500GB
Max Cine Memory 12,700 Frames
Maximum Depth (cm) 35
Accessories Printer, Footswitch, ECG, VCR
Manufacturers Samsung, Medison

Q:Is this a Medison or Samsung Accuvix A30?

A: The Samsung Accuvix A30 is the same product as the Medison Accuvix A30. Medison was purchased by Samsung but retains the Medison name.

Q:What's the difference between 3D and 4D imaging?

A: Live motion. This is similar to the difference between a snapshot from your camera or a video. 3D is a single image, while 4D is a live, real-time image. In 4D obstetric situations, you would be able to see the baby move, smile, yawn, stretch, etc. The 3D image is one static image while 4D is live continuous imaging.

Q:Can I use the USB ports to transfer images from the Accuvix A30?

A: Yes, the USB ports allow for export to flash drive for images, data, and archiving.

Q:What is EZ Exam?

A: EZ Exam speeds up exam time by using a streamlined procedure for your most common studies. It walks through the exam step-by-step eliminating keystrokes and allowing the user to flip through functions quickly and easily.

Q:What does the Hybrid Beamforming Engine do?

A: Hybrid Beamforming uses new hardware and software on the Accuvix A30 to create a more omnidirectional view of an image.

Q:What is DMR plus?

A: DMR plus is similar to Speckle Reduction images. It uses software to enhance image quality by allowing the user to select levels of speckle reduction while enhancing and enhancing edges. This typically gives a smoother image with less speckle throughout the image.

Q:Does Providian offer any service contracts with the purchase of the Accuvix A30?

A: Our Providian Medical Field Service offers 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-year service contracts with the purchase of the Medison Accuvix A30. We provide discounts for multi-year service contracts. A refurbished Medison Accuvix A30 purchased from Providian qualifies for OEM service through the manufacturer as well.

Q:Do you have the manual for the Accuvix A30 ultrasound system?

A: If you are interested in receiving the Medison Accuvix A30 ultrasound manual, please contact us today. Providian Medical has a large inventory of owner's manuals and brochures.

Q:Can the Medison Accuvix A30 ultrasound machine be shipped outside of the United States?

A: Providian Medical can ship the Accuvix A30 ultrasound system internationally with proper insurance. Providian does abide by all trade laws and is restricted in some instances from shipping the Accuvix A30 to certain countries. Contact us today for more information.

Q:Does the Medison Accuvix A30 ultrasound machine work with 220 voltage?

A: The Medison/Samsung Accuvix A30 ultrasound system can be converted and outfitted with an adapter to ensure compatibility with 220 voltage.

Q:Does Providian Medical offer any financing options for the Accuvix A30?

A: Our finance department at Providian Medical will be more than willing to work with you and your budget to help secure funding. We have a number of financing options for purchasing the Accuvix A30, including leasing. Contact us today to find out more.

Q:Would Providian be interested in buying the Medison Accuvix A30? I have one that I am looking to sell.

A: Providian Medical is looking to purchase qualified Samsung Accuvix A30 Ultrasound systems that can be fully refurbished and restored to exceed OEM specifications. To learn more about selling us your Accuvix A30, please contact us.

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  • 90 Day warranty with extended warranty options
  • Loaner systems available for service emergencies
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