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The refurbished Samsung HS70A can be used in hospital and private care settings for several purposes, including abdominal imaging, musculoskeletal, small parts, breast, vascular, cardiac and pediatric heart imaging. The system was developed with several advanced imaging features that allow for the best clarity and improved diagnostic capabilities.

The used HS70A includes Quick Preset functionality with frequently used image settings for up to four connected transducers at a time. With just one touch, the desired transducer and its presets will be activated for the fastest imaging results.

The advanced imaging system from Samsung also includes Realistic Vue, which displays high resolution 3D anatomy with impressive details and the most realistic depth perception. Users can take advantage of better definition of anatomical structures by selecting specific light source directions.

Q:How does Arterial Analysis technology work?

A: Arterial Analysis detects any changes in blood vessels, delivering measurements that include stiffness and intimate-media thickness. This allows for early diagnosis of issues related to heart vessels.

Q:How does Realistic Vue work?

A: Realistic Vue delivers high-res 3D anatomy views with that are detailed and include realistic depth perception. Users can choose the appropriate light source for better definition of anatomical structures.

Q:Would Providian be interested in buying a Samsung HS70A? I have one that I am looking to sell.

A: Providian Medical is looking to purchase qualified ultrasound systems that can be fully refurbished and restored to exceed OEM specifications. To learn more about selling us your system, please contact us for a free price quote.

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Samsung HS70A


  • 90 Day warranty with extended warranty options
  • Loaner systems available for service emergencies
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