The Philips Sparq is a compact ultrasound designed for emergency medicine and point-of-care ultrasound imaging. The Sparq is Philips first major step away from the traditional user-interface, going with a complete touch-panel with no knobs or buttons. It is a full shared service ultrasound, including a PureWave TEE transesophageal probe.

Created for situations in which limited input is necessary to use an ultrasound machine, the used Philips Sparq is designed for ease-of-use, excellent image quality, and efficiency in the exam room. The Sparq incorporates Philips top imaging technologies, including SonoCT, XRES, and a 17″ High Resolution LCD monitor.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

Philips isn’t known for really breaking stride with their designs and over-engineering a lot of products. Although they were late to the game in a true Point of Care bedside ultrasound (such as the SonoSite S-Series, GE Venue40, etc), the Sparq is a nice addition to category and helps round-out Philips ultrasound lineup. The Sparq incorporates a lot of the great features found in these ultrasound machines, but remains familiar to Philips users along with keeping its excellent image quality.