The refurbished Philips HD7 XE is Philips’ low-to-mid-range shared service ultrasound. It has excellent image quality and is an affordable solution for offices looking for a good full-body ultrasound machine. It is a step down from the Philips HD11 XE ultrasound machine.

The used HD7 XE includes full Doppler, Tissue Harmonics Imaging, SonoCT, XRES, Integrated Stress Echo, and iScan imaging technologies. It is relatively small and designed to fit into smaller spaces. The XE version of the HD7 includes a 15″ flat-screen LCD on an articulating arm.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

The HD7 XE has been replaced by the ClearVue 350 and ClearVue 550 ultrasound machines, which makes the HD7 XE a very good, affordable shared service ultrasound system. As with all Philips systems, a great amount of attention is given to producing outstanding image quality, which is definitely the case with the HD7 XE.