The Philips Epiq 7 premium color Doppler ultrasound replaces the Philips iu22 and ie33 as Philips premium ultrasound machine. At its release, it was Philips’s most advanced ultrasound machine available.

Featuring an uncompromising level of clinical performance ideal for meeting demanding cardiac applications and more, the Epiq 7 ultrasound uses anatomical intelligence to turn images into answers. It is also known for its shared-service performance and the introduction of Philips updated imaging architecture: nSIGHT.

Imaging Performance With the Philips Epiq 7 Ultrasound

nSIGHT is Philips new beamforming and processing technology designed to greatly improve spatial, temporal, and contrast resolution. The new technology is well received and keeps Philips one of the few true strong players in the premium ultrasound market.

With nSIGHT technology, Philips claims a 76% increase in penetration and higher resolution at higher frame rates with the Epiq 7 ultrasound over traditional cart-based machines. Additionally, the nSIGHT technology incorporates the use of beamformer with powerful parallel processing, creating a large amount of acoustic data and then reconstructing them, in real-time, in optimally focused beams.

Other high-end imaging technologies found in the Epiq 7 ultrasound include:

  • Support for the Philips exclusive Anatomical Intelligence Ultrasound (AIUS) for easy-to-perform exams and for delivering optimal levels of clinical information
  • Real Time iSCAN for automatically optimizing gain and TGC for a continuous high-quality image
  • PureWave crystal technology for improved transducer penetration in difficult-to-image patients
  • MaxVue high-definition display for extraordinary visualization of anatomy
  • Color Doppler

When viewing the images, the Epiq 7 extended-range control panel and monitor are designed for articulation and proper ergonomic alignment, and its 21-inch monitor facilitates easy viewing no matter where you are.

A touch-screen interface reduces the amount of “reach” required by the sonographer and also reduces repetitive tasks and increases workflow efficiency. Additionally, its Anatomical Intelligence feature is designed to add more workflow efficiency by automatically identifying anatomy and performing the most common tasks.

Philips Epiq 7 Ultrasound Transducers

The Epiq 7 is different than its similarly named product, the Philips Epiq 5, for its ability to run Philips premium xMATRIX ultrasound transducers. These are advanced transducers for improved imaging in 2D, 3D, and Live 3D (4D) imaging.

In addition to nSIGHT and xMATRIX probes, the Epiq 7 also includes Philips previous high-end imaging technologies including PureWave transducers, MicroCPA for better low-flow angio, ShearWave elastography, compound imaging (SonoCT), and speckle reduction imaging (XRES).

Providian Medical Philips Epiq 7 Ultrasound Review

At its release in 2014, the Epiq 7 was considered one of two premium best-in-class console shared service ultrasound machines. The other unit being the GE Logiq e9 ultrasound. Each of these are the top machines in their generation.

The Epiq replaced the aging iu22 and ie33 lines. Both remain premium ultrasound machines, but the new architecture in the Epiq series allows Philips to take advantage of advances in computing technology as well as improve the ergonomics of their premium ultrasound machines.