On its introduction in 2008, the Philips CX50 ultrasound machine established itself as the Gold Standard of portable cardiac ultrasound machines, and it still leads the pack.

This premium portable machine is known best for its cardiac imaging, but the refurbished Philips CX50 also excels as a fully shared service system, which makes it ideal in larger practices, hospitals, emergency departments, or other point of care situations.

Its cardiac abilities are considered by most as best-in-class, providing excellent wall definition with minimal artifact, and very good image quality on difficult-to-image patients/deep penetration.

Philips CX50 Imaging Features

One of the more important technologies featured in the CX50 ultrasound is the PureWave crystal technology. These single crystal transducers provide improved image quality throughout the ultrasound image.

In addition to PureWave single-crystal probes, the CX50 includes all the top imaging technologies found on advanced portable ultrasounds, such as Compound imaging (SonoCT), Speckle Reduction (XRES), Needle Visualization, IMT, and Tissue Harmonics.

The most advanced features of the Philips CX50 are focused mainly on cardiac imaging. These technologies include:

  • Strain Quantification
  • MicroVascular Imaging
  • 3D quantification
  • Cardiac motion quantification with speckle tracking technology
  • Smart Exam automated protocols
  • Live3D (4D) TEE
  • Mitral Valve Quantification
  • ICE Intracardiac Echo

Providian Medical Expert Review:

The refurbished Philips CX50 is considered one of the best-imaging portable cardiac ultrasound machines for sale. Loyal Philips customers will call this the best portable cardiac machine, while users of other systems… well… it’s likely they’ll also agree that this is the best cardiac portable machine.

We like it for its ease-of-use and image quality. Its portability allows it to be an excellent system for needle-guidance procedures in MSK, vascular access, pain management, and surgical situations. However, its best features remain cardiovascular imaging, but it is very powerful and very good as a shared service ultrasound machine.