The used Philips CX30 compact portable ultrasound machine is Philips mid-range portable ultrasound machine. It has an advanced software set with much of Philips’ top imaging technologies. It has transducers to cover full-body studies as well as integrated stress echo.

Key imaging technologies and features on the Philips CX30 include SonoCT, Advanced XRES imaging, iScan Tissue Harmonics, Tissue Doppler imaging, trapezoidal imaging, and Live Compare.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

Philips CX-Series of ultrasounds (CX stands for Compact eXtreme) are advanced portable ultrasound machines that are fully shared service. The CX30 is as powerful as the more advanced Philips CX50 ultrasound, but is more limited in its features. The refurbished CX30 for sale uses Philips older transducer technology, does not have TEE imaging, contrast imaging, and has more limited QLAB features. In all, a refurbished CX30 ultrasound machine meets the needs of most ultrasound professionals.