The used Philips ClearVue 650 ultrasound machine adds 4D to its line of ClearVue ultrasound systems. This is a shared service ultrasound machine that is an upgrade to the Philips ClearVue 550 ultrasound… it adds 4D and two volume transducers to the product.

The refurbished ClearVue 650 has full 4D live obstetric transabdominal imaging capabilities, as well as the following advanced features: SonoCT, XRES, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, an articulating arm to the 17″ high resolution monitor, panoramic imaging and 4 transducer ports. These technologies justify the additional price added to the cost of the Philips ClearVue 650 for sale.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

Philips ultrasound machines are generally all-around great performers. The ClearVue series represents its low and mid-range shared service ultrasounds. The ClearVue 650 has good 4D performance, as Philips has generally good 4D.