The refurbished Philips ClearVue 350 is an entry-level shared service ultrasound machine that replaces the Philips HD6 and HD7 ultrasound machines. It’s easy to use,  very compact and lightweight, and has excellent image quality considering its size and price range.

The used ClearVue 350 shared service ultrasound machine is lightweight with a small footprint, it has a good price, and is easy to use. The 17″ LCD flat screen shows very high resolution and the transducers are lightweight and ergonomically friendly.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

Philips did a complete redesign when it replaced the Philips “HD series” with the ClearVue series of ultrasounds. Although it has a limited selection of transducers and features, the image quality of a used ClearVue 350 is excellent and it remains a versatile ultrasound machine with its broadband probes. Its basic design shouldn’t sway you from thinking it’s a very basic underperforming ultrasound machine. The ClearVue 350 is a very good shared service ultrasound machine.