The refurbished Mindray Z5 ultrasound machine is an entry-level, budget color Doppler portable ultrasound. It features some higher end technologies that make the Z5 a high performance machine in this price range.

The used Z5 is one of the better choices available in the low-cost portable ultrasound market. It features color and PW Doppler, as well as advanced imaging technologies such as Phased Harmonics Imaging and multibeam compound imaging.

The Z5 is popular for OB/GYN, MSK, small parts, needle-guidance, vascular, and general imaging.

Providian Medical Mindray Z5 Ultrasound Review

The Z5 is a solid performer as a budget ultrasound machine. It has what you’d expect in a low-price ultrasound with PW and Color Doppler. It performs better than most systems in its price range, and is a capable ultrasound at this cost.