The new Mindray TE7 point-of-care ultrasound machine is a fully touch-screen driven portable ultrasound designed for emergency rooms, anesthesia, MSK, critical care, pain management and other such bedside ultrasound applications.

The TE7 takes a different road that previous touchscreen based ultrasound machines: It’s Big. The 15″ touchscreen has a lot of real estate, giving it plenty of room for its controls, image area, and general use.  The touchscreen operates well, using gestures similar to those of a tablet or touchscreen PC, which allows you to pinch, swipe, slide and tap your way through the exam.

Three active probe ports also make this a unique entry into the portable Point-of-Care market, as it does not need external connectors for multiple probes. It’s easy to switch between probes without the hassles of disconnecting-and-reconnecting probes. There are also a lot of probes available for the TE7.

Image quality is very good, and it features Mindray’s high-end imaging technologies such as iBeam compound imaging, iClear speckle reduction, iNeedle needle visualization, networking, DICOM/HL7. It’s solid state drive allows for fast boot up and a generally quieter operation.

Providian Medical’s Mindray TE7 Portable Ultrasound Review

Not a handheld system, the TE7 is relatively easy to move about on its cart and has a very sturdy build. In our tests, we found the image quality to be very good, and image penetration was better than most in its class. The screen is quite large and unique to touchscreen systems in this market. This is a very nice system for the Point-of-Care market and a refreshing large-screen alternative for those who use bedside ultrasound quite often.