The Mindray M9 premium portable color Doppler ultrasound is Mindray’s most advanced portable ultrasound system, featuring new single-crystal ultrasound transducers for improved resolution and penetration.

The M9 excels in a full suite of shared-service applications and is one of the best portable cardio-vascular machines on the market. It has a wide variety of features that are expected of a premium portable ultrasound, with stress echo, needle visualization, compound imaging, speckle reduction imaging, EchoBoost cardiac imaging optimization, AutoIMT, and many more features.

As a shared service point-of-care ultrasound machine, the M9 makes a big mark with its cardiac imaging. Its improved penetration and increased signal-to-noise ratio, Mindray’s best portable ultrasound machine provides great image quality that is competitive with some of the best machines out there… particularly in cardiac imaging.

This is a relatively significant step up in cardiac imaging over the Mindray M7 and Mindray M5 portables.

Providian Medical Mindray M9 Portable Ultrasound Review

The M9 faces tough competition with the e GE Vivid q, GE Vivid i, and Philips CX50 premium cardiovascular systems. This is a shared service system that excels in all areas and is a formidable competitor to the more expensive ultrasound machines from GE and Philips. We really like the versatility, power, image quality and features of the M9 and consider it among the very best portable ultrasound machines available on the market.