The refurbished Mindray M7 portable ultrasound machine is a shared service system featuring many advanced imaging features found in today’s mid-range portable ultrasound machines.

The M7 is considered one of the more advanced mid-range ultrasound machines, featuring very good penetration and color Doppler for its vascular and general imaging. As a shared service system, the M7 provides a versatile, solid imaging system at a good price.

Among the features on the used M7 portable ultrasound include speckle reduction imaging, panoramic, IMT, Tissue Doppler, compound ultrasound imaging, wireless capability, and a durable chassis. It has very good image quality for anesthesia, vascular, orthopedic, venous, superficial and general radiology applications. Its cardiac is good for those not performing a lot of echocardiograms.

Providian Medical Mindray M7 Ultrasound Review:

The M7 is in a very crowded market for mid-range portable ultrasound devices. This Mindray ultrasound performs very well in general radiology and superficial imaging. Its vascular imaging provides excellent penetration and color Doppler. The M7 is one of the best systems in its price range for deep 2D penetration and color Doppler for vascular applications.