The used Mindray DC-T6 serves as Mindray’s mid-range shared service ultrasound machine.

Featuring advanced imaging and as a complete shared service ultrasound machine, the refurbished DC-T6 includes advanced functions as needle enhancement, stress echo, and 4D obstetric imaging.

The DCT6 provides high-end technologies and solid image quality at a lower price than the more advanced DC-7 and DC-8 ultrasound machines.

Providian Medical Mindray DC-T6 Ultrasound Review

The DC-T6 is similar, but a higher-end ultrasound machine to the Mindray DC-N3┬ábecause it includes more advanced diagnostic features and a larger 17″ monitor. It also features more transducers than the DC-N3, including a bi-plane rectal transducer, which is desirable for urology and prostate exams.

It fits in the middle of Mindray’s lineup, designed to have the lowest-price possible while providing excellent image quality. Moving to a higher price machine from Mindray will provide you with more advanced transducer technology, touchscreen interface, and some more niche options that aren’t as necessary in offices, smaller hospitals, and those with tighter budgets.