The used Mindray DC-N3 is a low-to-mid range shared service color Doppler ultrasound featuring a full range of applications at a good price.

As a lower-end ultrasound machine, the Mindray DC-N3 acts like a more expensive machine, featuring some of Mindray’s more advanced imaging technologies, including obstetric 3D/4D, CW Doppler, and Tissue Doppler Imaging.

A built-in battery allows the DC-N3 to be moved room-to-room while leaving the machine powered on.

Providian Medical Mindray DC-N3 Ultrasound Review

The Mindray DC-N3 is a good system for small offices, small hospitals, or departments with limited budgets. It features most of the advanced technologies seen in Mindray’s more advanced ultrasound systems, at a fraction of the price. It is a good system for full-body diagnostic use.

The internal battery is a lesser-seen feature in compact ultrasound machines, and this allows it to be easily transported from room-to-room without interruption.