The refurbished Samsung Medison SonoVet R3 for Bovine and Equine studies is one of the best priced, most versatile portable veterinary ultrasound machines for sale.

The used SonoVet R3 includes transducers for equine sports medicine (tendons), equine and bovine reproductive, and bovine marble testing. It is one of the only veterinary portable ultrasound machines that offers an 80mm linear transducer for bovine marble testing. It has color Doppler, cardiac software and high-end imaging technologies such as tissue harmonic imaging, wideband imaging, and speckle reduction imaging.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

With color Doppler, tissue harmonics, and speckle reduction imaging, the used Samsung Medison SonoVet R3 portable ultrasound for bovine and equine ultrasound imaging offers a great value in the mid-range price level. It has very good image quality and is a great solution for veterinarians looking to buy a more advanced ultrasound for bovine and equine reproduction, sports medicine, and radiology.