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The new Konica Minolta SONIMAGE® HS1 portable ultrasound machine is designed for point-of-care bedside ultrasound use.

Entering the US Market in 2017, Konica Minolta focuses on the rapidly expanding point-of-care, musculoskeletal market. It includes advanced features specifically designed for anesthesia, pain management, elastography, needle-guidance, sports medicine, physical medicine, and rheumatology.

Its beam-steering technology and Simple Needle Visualization software allows for steep angle needle visualization, improving clarity of the needle placement and detecting very small structures.

Strain elastography on the SONIMAGE HS1 features real-time quantitative and qualitative software to display stiffness of tissue. In MSK applications, this allows the clinician to asses changes in tendon and ligament elasticity.

The new HS1 features nanofabrication technology in its high frequency L18-4 hockey-stick and standard linear transducers. Its broadband technology allows for deep penetration and high sensitivity for superficial imaging.

Providian Medical SONIMAGE HS1 Review:

Unlike most ultrasounds, the Konica Minolta SonImage HS1 is designed specifically for MSK and similar point-of-care applications. This is an important difference among other ultrasounds, which concentrate their focus on multiple modalities. With this focus, the HS1 is engineered for better tissue definition for orthopedic and interventional procedures.

Q:Who is Konica Minolta?

A: Konica Minolta entered the US ultrasound market in 2017, featuring the SONIMAGE HS1 as a focused msk, rheumatology, pain management point-of-care ultrasound machine.

Q:Is the HS1 only for MSK applications?

A: Its range of features allows it to be a multi-specialty ultrasound machine, including basic cardiac and abdominal imaging. However, engineers focused on bringing a more unique ultrasound to the market. This ultrasound is designed for better contrast resolution for ligaments, tendons, and other such orthopedic imaging situations.

Q:What transducers are available for the SonImage HS1?

A: This Konica Minolta ultrasound machine features C5-2 convex, MC10-3 Microconvex, S4-2 Sector, L18-4 Linear, L14-4 Linear, L11-3 Linear, and HL18-4 Hockey Stick Linear probes.

Q:What is Simple Needle Visualization, is "simple" a lesser needle visualization?

A: No, Simple Needle Visualization on the SonImage HS1 is designed to be easy-to-use, allowing for steeper needle angles than needle visualization on other ultrasound machines.

Q:Can I use the SonImage HS1 for veterinary applications?

A: Yes, the SonImage is also available for vet applications.

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Konica Minolta SONIMAGE HS1
Konica Minolta HS1 Portable ultrasound Machine for point of care


  • 90 Day warranty with extended warranty options
  • Loaner systems available for service emergencies
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