The new Konica Minolta J5 portable tablet-style ultrasound machine designed for point-of-care musculoskeletal imaging.

The J5 ultrasound machine features a 15″ high resolution touchscreen monitor, one-touch image optimization, needle visualization, wide viewing angle, and sensitivity that allows for touchscreen operations through gloves and gel.

The Konica J5 ultrasound is one of Konica’s first ultrasound machines introduced into the US market. Its focus is point-of-care MSK imaging with specific design for premium resolution of tissues such as ligaments and tendons. Its advanced needle visualization software allows for better needle guidance for interventional procedures.

Providian Medical Konica Minolta J5 Review:

This is Konica’s second machine to enter the US market and was created to capture the rapidly expanding MSK market with a machine designed specifically for high resolution tissue definition in nearfield and far-field.