The refurbished Hitachi ProSound F75 ultrasound machine for sale is Hitachi’s¬†flagship multi-purpose ultrasound machine in its “F” series of ultrasound machines.

A used ProSound 75 ultrasound machine features full shared service capabilities, including obstetric 3D/4D and TEE capabilities.

As its flagship product, the Hitachi Aloka ProSound F75 features its most premium options, including Directional power Doppler, Dual Dynamic Display, 3D/4D Real-Time with STIC and Multislice, Real-Time Elastography, Traced Volume measurements, MultiFollicle Volume, Dual Doppler, and Dynamic Slow Motion Display.

Providian Medical Hitachi Aloka ProSound F75 Ultrasound Review

For Aloka loyalists, the ProSound line will please previous customers with its image quality and overall feel and functionality. Although it is named a Hitachi product, it retains the transducers and nearly all the technology known for fans of used Aloka ultrasound machines.