The used Hitachi ProSound 6 ultrasound system, built on the latest ProSound technologies, delivers incredible image quality and supports high-level visualizations in crisp black and white. Compact enough to be used in any type of small space, the ProSound 6 is perfect for outpatient consulting rooms, examination rooms, operating rooms and for point-of-care applications.

The refurbished ProSound 6 was designed with a premium LCD monitor that provides highly optimized diagnostic viewing of all images. The system also includes the latest from Hitachi ultrasound technologies, including Extended Pure Harmonic Detection (ExPHD), for increased image clarity, and Edge Enhancement Function (AIP), for greater clarity in musculoskeletal and treat imaging.

In addition to offering premium imaging technologies, the ProSound 6 also includes highly effective digital image management capabilities. The system includes built-in compact flash memory, a USB memory port and an optional CD-R drive.