The refurbished Hitachi ProSound 2 ultrasound system delivers high quality black and white images in a portable unit. With user-friendly operation and compatibility with a variety of optional probes, the ProSound 2 makes it easy to complete accurate exams in any environment.

The used Hitachi ProSound 2 was designed with the latest Hitachi imaging technologies, making it possible to make the most accurate diagnosis in any situation. The system includes Extended Pure Harmonic Detection (ExPHD), which delivers highly accurate images by reducing extraneous echoes without sacrificing sensitivity, along with Multi Frequency Imaging (MFI) for multiple transmission frequencies.

With Edge Enhancement Functionality for increased emphasis for improved visualization, the ProSound 2 delivers optimum image clarity.┬áThe portable unit includes a foldable operation panel for easy transport, along with a 10.4″ LCD monitor for maximum viewing ability.